Tivo Alert: You’re On “Notice”

Michael Westin -- \"Burn Notice\"Have you watched Burn Notice on USA yet? No? Then you’re missing out on some of the most entertaining television on basic cable today. And, what’s more, USA is running a complete recap of the show in preparation for season 2. The recap starts April 17th, so if you’re looking to get caught up, best hop on the bandwagon.
In brief, the show is about Michael Westin, a former clandestine operative for the US government who was dropped by the government mid-mission. Turns out someone high up in the gov’t issued a “burn notice” proclaiming Michael a persona non grata in the eyes of the entire US gov’t hierarchy. He’s dumped in Miami (where he has family), all of his accounts are frozen and his identity is wiped clean — he officially doesn’t exist. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with him, so he goes about trying to clear his name. He enlists the assistance of a retired FBI operative (played by Bruce Campbell!), an ex-girlfriend that used to run guns for the IRA and occasionally his ne’er-do-well kid brother. To fund his further exploits, he takes on various and sundry side jobs for folks down on their luck. Westin “narrates” the whole thing, occasionally breaking into the action to explain the ins and outs of good spycraft, like: the feet and hands have lots of bones to break, while the elbows and knees are solidly built and have fewer moving parts, so whenever you’re in a close-up fight, use the elbows and knees.
It’s part Robin Hood, part Jason Bourne, part McGuyver, part A-Team, but it’s all good entertainment as far as I’m concerned. Check it out.

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