Blogging, Or Lack Thereof

So it’s readily apparent that my blog output has been woeful as of late. I could come up with a litany of excuses as to why this is so, but truth be told, it’s been a case of my heart not being in it.
Suffice it to say that Real Life Concerns have been weighing heavily upon my time, some of which I will discuss later, some of which I probably never will be able to.
Long and short of it, though, is that I’m still alive and kicking and hope to return to blogging form some time very soon.
In the meantime, may I offer you these exquisite LOLBirds for your consideration and edification?

One Reply to “Blogging, Or Lack Thereof”

  1. Good to hear from you again, I hope everything is OK and if not, becomes that way soon. It’s very odd not seeing this page updated daily. I know something must be up when Brad is posting more than you ;P
    Anyway – I hope all is well or at least improving and hope to hear more from you soon!

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