Series Your Scots Word Of The Day

It started out as a simple idea, but now it’s the craze sweeping the nation, nay, the world-wide Internet[s]! It’s “talk like a Scotsman”, or at least link to these posts when you really need an adequate way to describe cold, dank weather.

Your Scottish Slang Scots Word O’ The Day: Birl

Twenty-first in a series birl (burl) Dialect, chiefly Scot. ~v. 1. to spin around, to revolve rapidly. 2. a whistle; the sound made by a whistle. ~adv. birlin’ (“Ah tell ye, efter a’ that dancin’ ma heid’s fair birlin’“).

An Explanation For YSSWotD

I began the Your Scottish Slang Word O’ The Day series a month ago primarily as an exercise in motivating myself to blog daily with the potentially beneficial side effect of amusing [all?] my reader[s?] out there. I believe that…