Your Daily Dose Of “…What The Crap?”

[With apologies to Scott Johnson, of My Extra Life fame, for his coinage of phrase.]

Dear President Obama, what the crap?

Obama Considers Zany Climate Engineering Gadgets to Fight ‘The Warming’.

Obama is apparently considering using a machine that would suck up smog and shoot it into the upper atmosphere—reflecting the sun’s rays—as a way to fight global warming. I’m not joking.

Dear IRS, what the crap?

Tax deductions you’ve never heard of, including allowances for kidnapped children:

Back in 2000, the Internal Revenue Service issued a ruling that members of Congress called “cruel, heartless and anti-family.” It said that parents of a child that had been kidnapped could only claim the child as a dependent for the year in which the child had been kidnapped, not for later years. Congress threatened to write a law to remedy the situation, but the IRS quickly revised its ruling. Now parents whose child has been kidnapped can continue to take all credits and exclusions for which they would be eligible if the child still lived with them, until the child would be 18 years old or is found dead. The one caveat: the child must have been abducted by a stranger and not a family member.

We have a really screwed up tax system…
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Web Advertisers Take Note

Ad agencies of the world, please note this story over on Slashdot. You’ll rarely find a more tech-savvy crowd than /.’ers and so it would behoove you to read the comments and find out why, precisely, people are installing ad-blocking software in droves. They’re providing you with market research, free of charge.
Read all 1100 comments, then reconsider your business plan. Take a look at Google’s methodology and realize this fact: people really don’t like being annoyed by your ad placement. Don’t pop windows up, don’t use DHTML to make annoying ads slide in from the corners of the screen, don’t add sound to your ads. You’re going to run yourselves right out of business and, at least for this old tech hand, it can’t possibly happen a moment too soon.
Site operators, take note as well. If the advertisers you choose to sell space to engage in the behavior outlined in that link, drop them immediately. Consider well whether a few dollars more per month are worth potentially alienating a large portion of your potential readership. Above all, don’t reward such obnoxious advertisers with your business. The Internet population at large will thank you.