This Browser Is… So HEAVY!

…Heavy with links! It’s time, folks, for another massive download of Links Of Interest that I’ve managed to pack-ratsave for your enjoyment, so here goes.
Near-zero-G Mentos & Diet Coke! Yay, science!

I’ve run into some funny automated censorship software in the past (the old America’s Army forums had a particularly aggressive one, so much so that there was constant talk of “making bad rearumptions” and “rearaulting the base”), but I didn’t realize that it was a well-known phenomenon known as The Clbuttic Mistake. It’s entirely juvenile of me, I know, but I can’t help laughing at phrases like “President Abraham Lincoln was buttbuttinated by an armed buttailant after a life devoted to the reform of the US consbreastution.” (See also: Medireview and Swear Filters.) I wonder if frak slips by anyone’s filters?
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…And With That, The Experiment Has Concluded logoFor those of you paying attention, you will readily recall my decision to attempt to aggregate my daily intake of stories in a single post using a nifty tool provided by I’m hereby announcing my intention to throw in the towel and declare the whole thing a Miserable Failure. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was annoyed by the posts it produced. They were ugly, uninformative, visually similar and uninteresting and, worst of all, boring. I’d like to think that my posts, however infrequently they’re actually produced, are far more interesting and engaging than the lists this tool produced.
I’ll work something out, perhaps using the bookmark feed or something similar, in my footer or sidebar, but for the moment, I consider the auto-posting of links to be a losing proposition all-around.