This Almost, ALMOST Makes Me Want To Get A PS-3

[UPDATE: Link to the LittleBigPlanet editor video was incorrect. I’ve updated it. Sorry for the confusion. -ed.]
Sony pulled out the big guns for this year’s GDC with their ace in the hole being the “It’s Not Second Life!” Playstation Home:

Next up is the intriguing LittleBigPlanet (with an editor preview available here):

Almost makes me want a $600 dollar PS-3. Almost.
I’ll most likely opt for the $250 Nintendo Wii, though, so I can play Super Mario Galaxy:

Yowsas all around

PS3, Wii Auction Prices Fall As (Perceived) Supply Rises; Those Passing Eco 101 Shocked, SHOCKED! At This Development.

In a stunning bit of not-news, eBay auction prices for PlayStation 3 and Wii consoles have been dropping rather precipitously in response to continuing news from Sony and Nintendo that the consoles will keep hitting stores between now and the new year to the tune of millions of each. This should come as a surprise to no one, excepting potential eBay scalpers, apparently, who are barely making their money back these days.
The Fark headline had it just about right, I’d say: “Plastic tarp for camp out at BestBuy: $8. Charge on credit card for PS3: $599. Amount you auctioned PS3 for on Ebay: Pricel… oh wait. $650.”

I Know What I Want For Fathers’ Day + Birthday + Christmas This Year

I will admit that I was not quite sure about the concept of getting a Wii prior to E3’s opening, but having watched Nintendo’s keynote presentation, seen the previews of Super Mario Galaxy, noted with interest the new Lightgun 2 adapter for the Wiimote and drooled over the Engadget booth tour, I’ve got to say: I’m sold. With it purportedly retailing for less than $200, there’s simply no way I’d pay 3x to get a PS3.

I Guess I’m Getting A Wii, Then.

Sony held a pre-E3 press conference yesterday and announced pricing, release date and features for the PlayStation 3: initally, two models will be sold – one with a 20GB hard drive for $499 and one with a 40GB60GB hard drive for $599(!) [corrections taken from Gamespot coverage of the press conference. -ed.] will be available November 17th of this year. They’ve decided to rip off Nintendo’s motion-sensing controller “gimmick” and, apparently, are planning on crippling the functionality in the lower-priced model.
And, for half that price, I can get a decked-out Wii. Guess I know which direction I’m headed in.
Seriously, I can’t believe they want to charge me twice as much for a PS3 as they did for my launch-day PS2. I’ll be waiting until Metal Gear Solid 4 is available in the bargain bin before I pick up a PS3 if these ridiculously high numbers are here to stay.