I Guess I’m Getting A Wii, Then.

Sony held a pre-E3 press conference yesterday and announced pricing, release date and features for the PlayStation 3: initally, two models will be sold – one with a 20GB hard drive for $499 and one with a 40GB60GB hard drive for $599(!) [corrections taken from Gamespot coverage of the press conference. -ed.] will be available November 17th of this year. They’ve decided to rip off Nintendo’s motion-sensing controller “gimmick” and, apparently, are planning on crippling the functionality in the lower-priced model.
And, for half that price, I can get a decked-out Wii. Guess I know which direction I’m headed in.
Seriously, I can’t believe they want to charge me twice as much for a PS3 as they did for my launch-day PS2. I’ll be waiting until Metal Gear Solid 4 is available in the bargain bin before I pick up a PS3 if these ridiculously high numbers are here to stay.

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  1. I still have a lonely PS2 unlike those people who sold their souls to the organic gods for a Nintendo. 😛

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