CPU Vs. GPU, Mythbusters-Style

By way of Extra Life, we have this awesome (albeit scientifically suspect) demonstration of traditional in-order execution on CPUs vs. the multi-core/GPU massively-parallel execution that is the New Hotness:

Awesome, just awesome.

I Think Hank Hill Would Approve

I was browsing the Tippmann paintballing site, looking for some information on a 98 Custom when I noticed their new pump-action: the C-3 with PEP™ Technology. “PEP?” I says to myself. “What in the heck is that?”
Turns out it stands for “Propane Enhanced Performance”. As in, the marker is powered by propane. See, normally paintball guns (“markers”, to the initiated) are powered by CO2 or, in some higher-end rigs, compressed nitrogen. Not so the C3 – those crazy paintballers that pick up one will be toting a canister of propane around on their hip.
Tippmann claims to be able to get 50,000 shots per propane canister (normal CO2 canisters register around 1,000 per), which is phenomenal, except for the fact that you’re hauling an explosive around in your armpit.
I think I’ll let other people try this one out first.