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  • It’s Carpet-Callin’ Time

    I’ve known Andy(I) for a long, long time and so I believe he’ll forgive me when I say: Bud, you’ve done run right off the intellectual tracks. The Miers withdrawal – a timed, planned diversion from potential indictments in the Affaire de Plame? Dude, I scored two points from pure Machiavelli himself on that stupid…

  • President Bush Taps “Scalito” For SCoTUS; Conservatives Relieved “Mierito”, “Souterito” Remain Unnominated

    Michelle Malkin has a complete roundup. Best reaction I’ve seen thus far? Kathryn Jean Lopez deadpanning: “I just got the White House talking points on Alito. Nowhere in them does it say that he is one of the best male lawyers in New Jersey.” Heh.

  • A Bit Late – Opposing The Miers Nomination, Or: I AM The Base, Jive Turkey!

    Well, I had a really lovely piece cooking on the Miers nomination but it looks like it won’t be necessary now. Thanks to an IM from Brad, I was alerted to Miers’ withdrawal. I skipped over to CNN.com and was greeted with this alert: “Reluctantly” – I’ll bet. Hooray for the conservative side of the…

  • Morning Funnies

    Scrappleface: Chief Justice Roberts Greets New ‘Legal Amigos’. IMAO: The Tom Delay Indictment FAQ. The Onion: Two Publicists, Stylist, Personal Assistant Injured As Nicole Kidman Turns On Handlers. Iowahawk: Rainforest Iowa: Right For America, Right For Puppies.

  • Bill Introduced As Joke Signed Into Law

    I wonder if the official Chinese media will take this story literally too? The Onion: Bill Introduced As Joke Signed Into Law. Heh.

  • The Top Ten North Korean Demands

    George Bush, why won’t you deal with the North Koreans? After all, their demands are simple and few: 10. A respectable publisher for their dictator’s rap album Kim Jong Il’n. […] 8. The dog from Fraiser… in a nice butter sauce. […] 2. An XBox 360. Heh. Go and read the whole thing.

  • Porkbusters Update

    Instapundit has a roundup of congressional reactions to the Porkbusters idea, with Nancy Pelosi(!) leading the House Democrats in pledging to return pork earmarked for her district. Tom Delay and Don Young seem a bit more, well, intractable on the the whole. Keep up the pressure, folks. It’s obviously struck a nerve in D.C.

  • Get On The Porkbusters Bandwagon

    Have you heard about the Porkbusters initiative? Glenn Reynolds and N.Z. Bear came up with the simple idea that, in order to help pay for the Katrina cleanup effort, individual bloggers and Netizens of all stripes should ferret out local pork projects and then pressure their Congresscritters to redirect said pork to those who really…

  • Gosh! What The Flip?

    It appears as if living in the state of Idaho may, in fact, be detrimental to your mental health, at least if you have somehow managed to make it to the Idaho House of Representatives. How else can you explain a resolution recognizing the cinematic achievement of Napoleon Dynamite? The bill itself is comedy gold…