What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Please check the following CNN story and tell me if you can spot the problem.

Here, let’s zoom in a bit closer:

Yes, that’s right — there apparently exists a sufficiently large portion of the buying populace willing to subscribe to a periodical entirely devoted to large, immobile buildings that rarely change and are seldom built anew. Let the “periodical” part sink in, then picture yourself strolling up to the office watercooler, asking “Bob” if he’s seen the latest “LD” and what those Mainers have in store for the ol’ upper New England coastline, a-yup.
There’s just no accounting for taste, now is there.
I’m probably going to get some hatemail over this one, just like when I made fun of Ron Paul or Smalltalk — you know, the Lighthouse Digests of the political and computer science realms, respectively.

There’s Just No Accounting For Crazy. Or Masochistic. Or Masochistic-Crazy.

Glutton for punishment.
As I wended my way home last night, I was listening to this “week’s” FLOSS Weekly and just about had to pull my car to the side of the road, due to my sheer astonishment. Leo and Randal had a developer on who was promoting Seaside, a web development framework for Smalltalk (particularly the Squeak implementation). Smalltalk. Perhaps only you other CompSci folks out there will get just how insane a proposition developing for the web in Smalltalk truly is. No RDBMs. Everything’s an object, even, say, the number “5”.
Me, I’m of the opinion that I’d be happier being punched in the face. Repeatedly.
Then I’ll go develop a web framework for Ada. With all the business logic in COBOL. Oh, and I’ll host it on a 386 running Minix.