SBCG4AP — Good Jeorb, Guys!

So, uhhh, Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is coming out in episodic form for the Wii via Nintendo’s WiiWare downloadable content service. It is official: there is now no good reason for you not to own a Wii and, like, 40 gazillion good reasons to do so (30-35 gazillion of which are the aforementioned “SBCG4AP”, as Strong Bad himself has labeled it.
Peep the trailers that hit the ‘Net today below:

Soooo grood. I mean, good. And great. Great + good.


(Yes, that was a Strong Bad reference).
I was about to have a coronary on my commute in this morning, as I had made the classic mistake of tuning in to NPR in lieu of the cruder-yet-somehow-more-morally-uplifting fare peddled by the Preston & Steve Show over on WMMR. Much Serious Discussion was in the offing on what to do about the North Korean “nuclear” test and the All Things Considered crew decided to throw the question over to noted TV commentator Cokie “Chokie Roberts” Roberts who gave the actual question around 30 seconds of airtime before tearing the conversational clutch out in an effort to somehow tie the Mark Foley scandal in.
These people are ridiculous. Instead of paying attention to, you know, things that can kill us all, they’re obsessing over some dirty IMs sheerly because they have the potential of damaging the Republicans. “No left-wing bias”, my foot.
Chokie is so on my “groining list”, although I’m not quite sure it will have the same effect (ala the crazy sister in So I Married An Axe Murderer) as intended.

Best. Movie Review. EVER.

I was listening to All Things Considered on NPR during my drive home yesterday and heard them tease a review of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest by “an unusual reviewer”. I thought to myself “They couldn’t possibly be talking about ‘The Ninja’, could they?” Sure enough, after coming back from a brief “sponsorship break”, Robert Siegel led in the story with a discussion of the great ninjas versus pirates debate and introduced “The Ninja” of, who then proceeded to review PoC:DMC (direct link to the non-NPR video review here).
If you’re unfamiliar with Ask A Ninja, you are missing out on one of the Internet’s great simple pleasures. The Ninja fields questions emailed in by visitors and compiles an extremely humorous video podcast on a semi-regular basis, almost like Strong Bad email, only with ninjas. If you’re looking to get caught up, the Ninja’s relationship with physics and Ninja internships (“ninternships”) are two great places to start.