Risky Bidness

Tom Krewz!
So I don’t know if y’all have seen the depths of insanity to which Tom Cruise has been driven by the neo-Gnostic Cult O’ Hubbard, but Gawker has a long video of 1/2 of Tomkat blathering on about just what a spectacular human being Scientology has turned him into, as well as videos from the Huggy Bear/Flava Flav Freedom Medal Of Valor And Honor And High-Fallutin’ Whatnot award ceremony in which Tom sends a shout-out to ol’ LRH. Watch ’em now, as the Xenu-haters have already turned their legal dogs loose on Gawker and it’s only a matter of time before the barratry takes its course.
Then, after you’re done getting depressed at just how weirded out, mannnn, Tom Cruise has become, laugh a little at Jerry O’Connell’s pitch-perfect parody of the whole creepy incident.
Finally, finish the afternoon off with a soothing reminder from Jonathan Coulton that, hey, at least you’re not Tom Cruise, right?

The Heights Of Human Weirdness Know No Upper Bounds

Have you ever wanted to embed a server in the corpse of a frog, wire up the frog’s legs so that said server can activate said frog’s leg muscles via a galvanic reaction, suspend the whole affair in a tank of mineral oil, hook the server up to the Internet, allow users to activate the frog’s legs remotely while watching the contraption on a webcam, install the whole affair in a gallery and call it art?
Well, thank goodness, humanity has you covered, should the thought ever arise.
(“Und next on ‘Germanys Most Disturbing Home Videos’, ve haf a grown man in a diaper running through a sprinkler…”)