Announcing A First: Literal Barrage Merchandise

In the wake of the July 7th bombings in London, some enterprising Londoners interested in sticking a finger in the eyes of Islamist terrorists everywhere created We’re Not Afraid and solicited users to send in photos of themselves displaying defiance against the terrorists. Apparently this rubbed someone at the New York Times the wrong way, as they penned an editorial decrying some of the recent entries as “a brutish flaunting of wealth and leisure”. Ann Althouse was rightly mocking of the Times’ “shock”, as were many other bloggers. However, I don’t think this mocking goes far enough.

In the interests of cheap shots against the leading bastion of the Lefty media, I’ve designed the following T-shirt:

A brutish frontA brutish back

Front: “This T Shirt Is A brutish flaunting of wealth and leisure.*”

Back: Literal Barrage logo and the subscript: “*see: New York Times “Critic’s Notebook”, July 12th, 2005″

It’s available over at the Literal Barrage Cafepress store in ringed-T (pictured), fitted-T and ladies’-T versions.

If there’s sufficient interest, you can also be on the lookout for “This Hat Is A…”, “This Mug Is A…”, etc. at the store.


2 thoughts on “Announcing A First: Literal Barrage Merchandise

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  3. Right, that’s just silly. Stop that….

  4. You know you want one…