Site News And Notes

I’ve been looking to reorganize things around here for a while and so I’ve just started to implement some long-needed changes this week. I moved the “Plugins Used” output to the About page and will be making further changes in order to try to reduce the size and loading time of the front page. I installed Skippy’s In-Series plugin, which allowed me to plunk down a complete aggregation of the old “Your Scottish Slang O’ The Day” series and should let me do ongoing series with a bit more ease.
I’ve been doing some other housecleaning after my upgrade to WP – upgrading old plugins in desperate need of maintenance and have been toying around with WP-Cache 2, although I’m going to need to patch it to support gzip compression, as that really seems to aid in the loading of my pages.
I’ve also been looking into moving to a new default theme, so be on the lookout for that.

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  1. yeah….ya I stopped paying attention after “I’ve”. After that it was all Charlie Brown.

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