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CLANG: A Worthy Kickstarter From Neal Stephenson

Respect Stephenson: the man’s a true geeks’ geek. (I agree with @gruber: you must watch the video for the full effect.)

Might this be the first Kickstarter that I end up contributing to?

College Lacrosse 2012 — Crud, Now I’ve Got To Get An Xbox

Well, that seals it — College Lacrosse 2012, an Xbox Live Indie Games release means that I’ll have to get an Xbox.

Anyone have one they want to give me?

WipEout R/C Edition? Yes Please!

Yowsa. Arduino + a heaping amount of German ingenuity For. The. Win.

Zee Pixels! Zay Are Comink!

I’ve Got A Two Liter Bottle Of Shasta And My All-Rush Mixtape

…Let’s rock:

Awesome. By way of Joystiq.

A Good Reason For Me To Avoid World Of Warcraft

…It’s apparently more addictive than crack.

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