This Browser Is… So HEAVY!

…Heavy with links! It’s time, folks, for another massive download of Links Of Interest that I’ve managed to pack-ratsave for your enjoyment, so here goes.
Near-zero-G Mentos & Diet Coke! Yay, science!

I’ve run into some funny automated censorship software in the past (the old America’s Army forums had a particularly aggressive one, so much so that there was constant talk of “making bad rearumptions” and “rearaulting the base”), but I didn’t realize that it was a well-known phenomenon known as The Clbuttic Mistake. It’s entirely juvenile of me, I know, but I can’t help laughing at phrases like “President Abraham Lincoln was buttbuttinated by an armed buttailant after a life devoted to the reform of the US consbreastution.” (See also: Medireview and Swear Filters.) I wonder if frak slips by anyone’s filters?
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Oh, Bravo, EA, Bra-vo!

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? So if life hands you glitches, you make… glitchade?

Sacriliciousness aside, that there’s some good humor. Well-played, EA Sports, well-played.

And Now, PlayPowerStationPoint

Great, now even my Keynote presentations are going to look lame in comparison to Sony’s annual report, as viewed through the prism of LittleBigPlanet:

Guess I’ll put in a purchase request for a PS3…

Updating A Classic

While playing Mario Kart Wii, for some reason I was reminded of this Far Side cartoon:

I decided to update it a bit for the videogaming era:

Heh. (Click the pic for full size.)

Wii’s Back — Wheeee!

That’s right, the Wii arrived back, safe and sound. Turns out my “main circuit board” needed replacing. I’m unsure as to what was specifically wrong, but the solution was really the best I could have hoped for. All my Miis and saved games were preserved, which is excellent.
The only downside is that UPS had my console in Horsham as of last Saturday but “kindly” refused to deliver it until yesterday. Ahh well. See you jive turkeys on Mario Kart!


Curse and blast! Above is the screen that I am now resigned to staring at each day until my Wii returns from the Nintendo service depot.
It started exhibiting “visual tearing” (little black shimmery spots) artifacts a few months ago, particularly in Zack & Wiki and Super Mario Galaxy, so much so that Z&W almost looked like a swarm of microscopic gnats was inside the TV and taking issue with Zack’s slow progress. So, just when I started getting friends (and friends) playing Mario Kart over teh Intarnet, I decided to send the stinkin’ thing in for service, as my warranty was creeping up towards expiration and I just wanted to have the whole thing over with. Of course, the day I send the Wii on its merry way, I arrive home to have my son say “Please, Daddy, can we play some Wii tennis or baseball?” in his best Dickensian waif imitation. Just about tore my heart out.
So Nintendo, hurry up! Daddy’s got some family bowling to attend to and some friends to race!

Video Mashups Of The Geeky Kind

Three quick hits for you here. First, Battlestar LOSTica:

Next, Gradius as an Infocom-style text adventure game:

Last, the very Internet meme-y “Pork & Beans” video from Weezer:

Told you they were geeky.

Defend Your Castle

Okay, this just looks ridiculously fun.
Nintendo released their “WiiWare” channel today, allowing original, direct-download gaming on the Wii in exchange for Wii points. Nintendo Wii Fanboy has posted their review of Defend Your Castle, one of the launch titles for the channel. The game is hard to describe, so I’ll let their video review do the picture-painting (literally) for me:

All of that for 500 Wii Points ($5 USD). I may have to throw down for it and some sweet River City Ransom before too long here.