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Wii’s Back — Wheeee!

That’s right, the Wii arrived back, safe and sound. Turns out my “main circuit board” needed replacing. I’m unsure as to what was specifically wrong, but the solution was really the best I could have hoped for. All my Miis…

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Curse and blast! Above is the screen that I am now resigned to staring at each day until my Wii returns from the Nintendo service depot. It started exhibiting “visual tearing” (little black shimmery spots) artifacts a few months ago,…

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Defend Your Castle

Okay, this just looks ridiculously fun. Nintendo released their “WiiWare” channel today, allowing original, direct-download gaming on the Wii in exchange for Wii points. Nintendo Wii Fanboy has posted their review of Defend Your Castle, one of the launch titles…

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