4th Of July Weekend Recap In Brief

Saturday: housework and Batman Begins (mini review: “Amazingly fantastic? Fantastically amazing? You be the judge!”). Sunday: church, then had my parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend over for dinner. Monday: had friends over for 4th of July cookout featuring fried chicken, London Broil, sweet corn, mashed potatoes, potato salad and the federally-mandated Sour Cream & Onion Lays potato cookout requisite at any outdoor summertime function, then went to the Abington fireworks display.
More tomorrow, including a full-sized review of Batman and scientific proof that there is no good/right way to tell your wife you just spilled a sizeable portion of the grease used to fry your fried chicken all over the kitchen countertops (hint: the words “a wave of grease” probably ought not pass your lips).

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  1. wait wait, the same kid that plays hide the tennis ball and perfecetly performs the most annoying sound in the world has……a girlfriend?! Woah boy hide the kids.

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