Evidently I Do Not Suffer Alone

‘Twould appear that I am not the only one stricken with a severe case of stalking spammers. Gregory over at Twilight Universe recently came to the same set of solutions as I (Bad Behavior + another anti-spam solution), apparently, although he used a bit stronger words in his denunciation of spammers:

Spammers are the festering, pus-filled, boil on the [rear end] of modern communication. I wouldn’t want to meet, see, or touch one of them without a Hazmat kit. They are parasitic, disease ridden, felch-monkeys, who are the moral equivalent of a leech and who I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire. I’d do that after their burned, scarred, remains had stopped smoking — and then I’d hit them with a shovel. They are to mankind what a gelatinous mass of camel vomit is to gourmet foods.
So bring it on you puerile, one-handed, slack-jawed, drooling meat slappers. Bring it on.

Preach on, brother.


You definitely do not suffer alone. I will not rest until the spammers are all dead, in jail, or have real jobs. I suspect the first two will come to pass long before the last.

Count yourself as one of the lucky ones, at least for the time being.
My guess is that they just haven’t gotten around to your site on this particular go-round.
I’d advise installing Bad Behavior, though, as it’s wicked slick, fast, and ever-so-satisfying.

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