Celebrity Blogging, Or: Jeff Bridges Is A Strange, Strange Man

I came across mention of an interesting game in my daily flitting about the Internet[s] the other day, but slipped into that game link was a far more intriguing fact: Scott had stumbled across the game via Jeff Bridges’ site. I would be reticent to label Bridges’ effort a full “blog”, but it is definitely a site to see. The Dude abides.
This, combined with an odd experience on Icerocket got me to thinking about celebrity blogs. Most Farkers/Slashdotters are aware that Wil Wheaton blogs, but besides him, Dave Barry and The Dude, who else blogs? A few quick Google/Icerocket searches revealed that Silent Bob, Mulder and Scully, Mr. Drew BarrymoreTom Green, Al Freakin’ Roker, Zach Braff aka J.D from Scrubs, and Bruce Willis all have blogs. (And dig it, Bruce is a fan of Strong Bad!)
Truly, the web is an amazing place. *grin*

4 Replies to “Celebrity Blogging, Or: Jeff Bridges Is A Strange, Strange Man”

  1. I recall once seing the blog of the wrestler formerly known as the Ultimate Warrior. After reading about a paragraph I thought “this must be what it feels like to take an acid trip.” So I stopped and hope to never go back.

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