Death To The Old Gray Geek!

All becomes clear now.
Let’s try some Google sleuthing. Google Search Phrase: VizaWeb sucks. First hit? A recent entry by none other than Leo Laporte formerly of TechTV fame.
It seems as though Leo’s site uses VizaWeb and he has been recommending them for others desiring of hosting solutions. The client base of VizaWeb has apparently quintupled in short order.
This is not to excuse VizaWeb, for their conduct is truly inexcusable. If they are not able to support 5x as many customers as they once had, then perhaps they shouldn’t freakin’ allow that many people to sign up at once. It kills the experience for everyone, or at least those who aren’t as famous as Leo Laporte and thus apparently able to get VW to answer their every hosting beck and call.

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  1. On a side note, I’m sorry that the word “sucks” appears anywhere on my sight. Now, I often get hit for “______ sucks” that I never anticipated. Often I do not wish to be associated with such search phrases.

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