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There Is No Cone But Allah And Muhammad Is His Fry-Flinger

Have you heard about the latest politically correct kerfuffle involving (and I’m not making this up) British Muslims, Burger King, and a “sacreligious” frosty dessert confection? No? Apparently, Allah is actually a thick chocolate swirly ice cream cone and BK is guilty of depicting him in all his lactose-intolerant glory. A British Muslim noted this obvious heresy, declared a personal jihad against BK and demanded that they change the “offending” packaging so as to not depict the name of his false moon god.
Jeff Goldstein calls BK’s knuckling-under a ceding of iconic linguistic control to the forces of evil while Robert Spencer offers photographic evidence that Allah may, in fact, be a chocolate swirly cone. Additionally, Slim999 offers up a new spin on BK’s perennial favorite among the breakfasting crowd, the Croissandwich“Crescent Roll of Embrace”.
(Ref. Michelle Malkin in re: the Flight 93 Memorial controversy on that last one.)

One response to “There Is No Cone But Allah And Muhammad Is His Fry-Flinger”

  1. nobrainer Avatar

    I’m going to start issuing Jihads and Fatwas. The time has come.