Requesting Medical Advice

Help me out! Dig!
All I do is grunt and groan
Hurts me to walk anywhere
Went to see my physician, Dr. Jones
He took my trousers off, told me to cough
Doctor says there ain’t nothin’ to discuss
He tells me any day I might have to wear a truss

-“Living With a Hernia”, Weird Al Yankovic

Attention, any and all readers who may have some degree of medical training (including you, nobrainer and the MUSC crew), is it normal, when picking up something heavy to have a muscle in your pelvis go, and here I’m quoting verbatim, “Pop!”?
Uh, hypothetically, of course.

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  2. I certainly have no medical training, and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn lately.
    I don’t think that sound is normal, but if you don’t have any pain I wouldn’t worry about it.

  3. I would suggest you get Funk to ask Dr. Cyndi. As for me, I would have to refer to our Bill Cosby training on hernias and say thats what you might have.

  4. @nobrainer:
    Hmmmm, methought I remembered someone at Brad’s bachelor party claiming that you were the unofficial house “doctor”.
    Guess my jokes don’t work if even I’m not sure of the references I’m making.

  5. I finally found your comment box. Groovy.
    After years of you hunting and taunting me in Quake games, I finally get some payback.
    “You’re gonna die.”
    I’ll talk to Dr. Cyndi tonight about your ailments and see if she has a best guess. Otherwise, Dr. Obvious says not to pick up anything heavy.

  6. Dr. Cyndi says your ‘friend’ needs a good “cough” test. He does not need to worry, but he definately should get this checked out.

  7. Oh, uhhhm, cool. I’ll give my friend the advice.

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