Even More Serenity Reviews

The bloggers’ reviews of Serenity are slowing to a trickle, but the mainstream reviews are starting to turn up (it’s running a respectable 80% Fresh over at Rottentomatoes). Ebert certainly seemed to like it, as did David Edelstein (of NPR and Slate fame), while Harry “I’d Sell My Soul For A Chilli Cheese Dog” Knowles was underwhelmed. The New York Magazine demands that you go see it or they’ll kill a kitten while WIRED calls it nearly as soulful, charming and funny as Firefly.
On to the blogger reax:

  • Daniel Drezner breaks down the Whether you’ll like Serenity question based upon the type of moviegoer you are, but politely suggests that you .”go see the goram movie”.
  • Mary Katherine (of Townhall.com fame) enjoyed it, despite her Firefly novice status.
  • Matt Moore asks that you go see the movie this weekend so that they’ll make another, if you please.
  • Jacob T. Levy calls it ante-raising and really, really good.
  • Matthew Yglesias enjoyed it, although he objected to the treatment the Alliance came in for at Whedon’s hands.
  • MurdocOnline thought it was quite good, but he was underwhelmed by the “Blogger Bonanza” portion of the shindig.
  • Todd Wiley thought it was the movie he’s always wanted, only now he’s not so sure he really wanted it.


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Must….see….movie……read too many reviews and avoided spoilers…..ugh. Can’t hold out much longer!