A Disturbing “Development”

Well crap.
Arrested Development - Season OneI have been studiously ignoring Arrested Development, as has apparently the rest of America. It was always one of those “get around to it shows” for me, and I felt no reason to sit down and dedicate any time to viewing it, as no one had actually recommended it to me (other than just about every TV critic in existence, several bloggers whose opinions I value, the Emmy selection committee, and my brother-in-law, that is). I had watched one or two episodes and found them to be amusing but not necessarily worth devoting extended viewing to. I placed the DVDs of the first two seasons in my Netflix queue and had let them languish near the bottom until hearing an interview with the head writer on Fresh Air last week. The interview, combined with clips from the show they played piqued my interest and I moved the DVDs to the head of my queue.
The DVDs arrived yesterday and my wife and I sat down to watch the first two episodes and were subsequently blown away. It is incredibly witty, incredibly funny and entertaining in the extreme. It’s also canceled, as of the end of this season.
Arrrgh! Fox has done it to me again! I get sucked in to a show (see: Firefox, Futurama, etc.) and they cancel it right out from under me.
Here’s to hoping that someone out there is listening and gives both Joss Whedon and the A.D. crew funding to “port” their shows direct-to-DVD, because there’s a lot of potential in those two properties and it’d be a shame to let them languish on in obscurity, unfinished and unresolved.
Plus, I’m really selfish and want to see how the series end.

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  1. I have Firefly DVD’s…
    We have been enjoying Arrested Development, and I will say that Fox did to it what it does to all of it’s other great shows that don’t make it: Poor support. Airing shows out of order. Shifting schedules. Really crappy nights (Friday? Are you serious?) for launch.
    Hey, did you go see Serenity? We got around to it when the munchkin was on vacation with the grandfolks…

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