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“Serenity” DVD Drops 12/20/2005

(*cough**cough*ahintforpotentialgiftbuyers*cough**cough*) Those of you that can’t wait for the DVD of Serenity to hit the streets, as well as those of you that consider yourselves fans of Firefly should definitely check out Serenity: The Puppet Show. Brilliant!

Serenity Screening

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers. The Setup As previously mentioned, I was set to attend an advance screening of Serenity last night, and attend it I did. Aron had expressed interest in seeing the movie, so I dragged him along as…

Paying The Piper

As previously noted in this space, I shall be attending the “Serenity Blogger Bonanza” advance screening of Serenity. I received a confirmation email this morning informing me that: To significantly increase your chances of getting into the screening, you MUST…