Condi Rice To EU: You’ve Been Pwned.

The Register has the text of a letter they claim US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice sent to the EU regarding the recent UN takeover bid and the subsequent rebuff by the US gov’t. The Register claims the letter uses “strong language” for a diplomatic communication. To wit, here’s the final paragraph:

The history of the Internet’s extraordinary growth and adaptation , based on private-sector innovation and investment, offers compelling arguments against burdening the network with a new intergovernmental structure for oversight. It also suggests that a new intergovernmental structure would most likely become an obstacle to global Internet access for all our citizens. It is in this spirit that we ask the European Union to reconsider its new position on Internet governance and work together with us to bring the benefits of the Information Society to all.

Not much “strong” language there, although apparently directly labeling an opponent (here, the EU) is seen as “strong” in diplomatic circles.
I swear, sometimes it seems as if the international diplomatic corps is comprised of nothing more than spoiled grown children. Their continued whining on Internet governance only goes to prove my assumptions correct.
Fortunately, Sec. Rice and those at the Commerce Department responsible for the drafting of this “strongly” worded letter told the MRW (“Most of the Rest of the World” in Professor Ang’s idiotic verbiage) where they could stick their takeover bid.
Keep on carping, “MRW”. We’ll keep innovating and saving your sorry hides when the Despot du jour comes knocking at your run-down hovel’s door, mmmkay?
Source: Slashdot.