“Hail, Oh Hail Our Alma Mater, Hail, Oh Hail, Lehigh!”

Wonderful. What a way to make a name for my school. Via Fark, I found out that Lehigh sophomore class president Greg Hogan apparently robbed an Allentown bank to pay for a $5,000 online poker debt.
What a Gator Fan. Wonder if he was a Club Raucher?


I was just about to post about this guy. Why, I wonder, is his gambling addiction to blame? I think the guy has more than one major screw loose and/or some not-so-understanding parents and that he — not his addiction — is to blame.
He went to a $20,000 a year high school. I haven’t even paid that much for a single year of college. So I’m not so subtley suggesting that the guy has money and plenty of it. So why would a loss of 5 large drive him to rob a bank?
And who doesn’t laugh when the guys getting taken to the cleaners by the casinos are the finance/accounting majors?
What’s more, how the heck do you rob a bank and not be nervous at all — so not nervous that your frat brothers are your get-away drivers and don’t even know it until the police show up?

Dude, it made the DC 5pm news on ALL the channels. The wife and I were just sitting there, in awe, and then she blurts out:
“We finally get recognized on TV, and it’s for this. And couldn’t they have picked slightly more sober-looking guys to interview?”
That’s my girl…