1. at getting that right. But, onwards for another year. What’s Sylvia predicting this year? I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh on December 31, 2006 when we review these; I have included some editorial comments in italics. Weather ” Literal Barrage: The Only 2006 Predictions Thread Worth Reading – ” RedState has compiled a fairly extensive list of predictions for the year 2006 as proffered by various bloggers of right/libertarian leanings. Funny, insightful stuff. Give it a look. ” Happy Catholic (again?):

  2. Memorable Phrase of the Year to inspire my resolutions Man, that’s ruff ! Michelle Malkin: Endorsement For A Lawless State? The Only 2006 Predictions Thread Worth Reading Sorbet Combo at Rouge I’m Baaaaack Gay Cowboys? Reading as a weapon in the culture war Open Thread Embattled Bush

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