RAZR V3, Bluetooth And Audacity: A Hearty Endorsement

Audacity LogoAs I recently mentioned, I moved my wife and myself over to Motorola RAZR V3s on T-Mobile. The phones are very nice, featuring big, bright screens, Bluetooth connectivity, a compact form and a decent camera, as my Flickr page will attest to. They also feature the Motorola phone OS/menu scheme That. Just. Works. Ahhhhh, so nice to be back on a Moto…
In any event, one of the coolest features has to be the RAZR’s ability to play full-up MP3s as ringtones. Turns out all one needs to do is connect via Bluetooth and plunk .mp3s in the “audio” folder on the phone and the .mp3s become usable as ringtones. Sweet.
Given the fact that CNN Headline News decided to ruin my year by showing a “Top 10 Most-Downloaded Internet Videos of 2005” last week, topped by none other than the Numa Numa Dance, I decided that I simply had to convert “Dragostei din Tei” over to ringtone format. I’d heard tales of the excellence of the Open Source linear audio editor, Audacity, so I headed over to their site and snagged a copy of the Mac binary. I was up and running within five minutes and, after a little messing around, figured out how to cut the first minute and a half of the song into three neatly-arranged ~30 second clips appropriate for use as ringtones. I uploaded ’em to my RAZR and, et voila!, I had my ringtones.
Now, I’ve just got to find some non-annoyingly-catchy-Europop songs appropriate for use as ringtones. Suggestions?


Techno Frog or whatever the heck it was that hit the number 1 spot on Euro charts last year. Now THATS Annoying!