I’ll Take “Tongue-Lashings Of Elected Officials” For $800, Alex.

Get a brain, moransHave you ever wanted to lay into one of the overstuffed, self-important nitwits that seem to populate the halls of Congress? Well, Sgt. Mark Seavey was given that chance at a recent town hall meeting with Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha, anti-war Democrat nitwits both. The video is priceless and Seavey’s statements left the flabbergasted nincompoops with little to say other than “Well, that was more of a statement and not a question…”
Note to Murtha and Moran: your anti-war crap will fly at MoveOn fundraisers, but out here in the real world, you’ve got to work off your mouths’ debts. Too bad you’ve run up such a deficit.


To be quite frank, I could care less what his reasoning is. Wrong is wrong, and it doesn’t matter how you dress it up or what verbal finery you cloak it in – it’s still wrong.
I mean, you could make a case for Looney Toon Ahmadinejad being “articulate” and “interesting”, but that doesn’t make his Holocaust denying and flat-out lunacy any more appealing or true.

I am not so sure that Murtha TRULY expects to pull the plug overnight. That would be insane. I choose to believe that he, and others who say similar things, realize the folly of their words, and are simply trying to create a point from which compromise could be reached. If there IS a plan for pulling out, it surely isn’t well known, so by demanding an immediate pull-out, it forces the discussion of “Well fine. If we can’t get them home tomorrow, when do YOU think they’ll come home”. You can’t even begin to establish a middle ground (and in this case, ANY ground) until those whom you are up against define their terms. At this point, it’s still a nebulous “They’ll stay until he job is done.” Who defines “done” ? If it indeed someone over here, then we should at least have an idea of WHEN done would be, no?
That’s my take at least…
p.s – I can’t post on my site, because I’m on dialup on the laptop, and I forget my login info…yes. I’m pathetic…