Newsvine Invites

Newsvine imageThose of you that aspire to “News Junkie” status have probably already discovered commmunity-driven news aggregation sites such as Digg and Fark. Well, another such site has been getting a lot of “virtual ink” recently and has been conducting a private, invite-only beta: Newsvine. I recently received an invite and have been poking around the site. It’s quite interesting, in that it considers all members to be columnists, of a sort, allowing people to post original articles and content alongside news feeds and user-contributed links to interesting stories.
If you’re interested in trying out Newsvine, I have a limited number of invites to give out. Please contact me ASAP if you’d like one – I don’t know how long they’ll last. Once you’re signed up, hit my Newsvine page, won’t you?