Possible Site Outtage

Apologies for the lack of posts today – I was telecommuting and had my hands full with doctor’s appointments, childcare and of course, work. The good news from the orthopaedist is that my wife’s foot is almost entirely healed (her fourth metatarsal is still very much in the healing phase, primarily because she pushes herself too hard). It’s been a long six months, I can assure you.
There may be a slight outtage that some of you will notice over the next couple of days – my hosting company is going to move me off of my current server and onto one whose load doesn’t average in the high 5’s. This hopefully will make the site a fair sight peppier to view, but may cause some DNS propagation issues, meaning that some of you may be unable to reach the site for a few hours or more. As always, your patience is appreciated.