Will’s New Do

A common subject of discussion over the course of last weekend’s festivities was the length of Will’s hair, primarily my various relatives’ opposition to its ever-increasing tendencies and our hesitancy to arrest said tendencies.
Well, this weekend we finally found ourselves agreeing with the chorus and decided to give Will a bit of a shearing. For reference, here he is before:
Will before "the Cut"
And after:
Will after "the Cut"
It’s weird. He looks more like a little toddler now after his haircut, a fact which causes my wife to tear up at points as she realizes that he’s growing quickly into a little boy.
Next up: walking!

One Reply to “Will’s New Do”

  1. Ohhhhhh! He is so adorable. His personality just shines through now whereas before it was masked a little by the tilt of his face in order to see. Sorry for the harassing comments about the length of his bangs. He has such a cute wittle face to show off–I am glad you cut them. It is the Grandma in me emerging. Aren’t we supposed to say stuff like that?
    And…p.s.–I understand how moms tear up at the thought of their sons growing up so fast–remember what happened last weekend? Well, then.

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