My wife and I headed to AndyII and Sara‘s wedding this past weekend. Brad came up for the wedding as well, which was great.
Sara made a beautiful bride and Andy looked just about ready to burst with pride. The ceremony was beautiful, although short, and Reform Jewish (well, I’m assuming as such, since a female rabbi officiated). Andy’s little nephew was the ringbearer and elicited coos and titters of laughter from the guests as he fidgeted beside the chuppa. 1 Corinthians 13 is a standard invocation at Christian weddings, so it was cool to hear it referenced at the service (although only obliquely, and the officiant attributed it to “as Paul said” – not “St. Paul” or “the Apostle Paul”, which sounded a bit strange). Everyone seemed to be having a great time at the reception as well, as the bar line was long for the duration, the dance floor was full for much of it and the cake was great. Wait staff forgot coffee, though… *grin*
So congratulations are in order. Here’s to the both of you!