A Literal Philadelphia Barrage

Barrage LogoNow this is just wickedly cool. I was cruising around the National [Indoor] Lacrosse League’s website in search of some Minnesota Swarm merchandise when I thought to myself “Self, didn’t you see a professional outdoor lacrosse game being played on one of the ESsPeNs?” A hop, skip and a Google later, I was at the virtual home of Major League Lacrosse, and what should meet my eyes but a link to the Philadelphia Barrage! They’ve apparently been playing in Villanova’s stadium for the last two seasons and appear to have at least two more home games remaining.
I think I may try to get out to one of those games and at least pick me up a literal Barrage ballcap or something. And a note to the Barrage team owners: can you spell “merchandising opportunity”? Here I am, a (very!) middlin’ blogger right in your back yard, blogging under a banner that practically screams your team name. What’s a blogger got to do to score some free tix and a jersey or two?