Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All

I’ve seen all manner of stupid “gamer” peripherals for the PC, from mini-keypads designed to give gamers WASD and not much else to 3 dimensional mice to “physics accelerators”. I thought it couldn’t get any worse; I was wrong.
Via Engadget, I caught wind of the KillerNic, a “gaming-tuned” network card. The stupid thing has 64MB of dedicated DDR and a 400MHz processor, for goodness’ sake! This sort of tech might, might have made sense back in my college days, where managing IRQs and pumping data to the NIC were valid concerns on my 486 DX. But now? My goodness, why would anyone want, let alone need to obtain one of these wastes of silicon and PCB? It’s not like it’s a valid status symbol that will bring you praise at the next LAN party – it’s stinkin’ inside your PC’s case where no one else can see it!
I didn’t even look at the price – I don’t want to know what people will have to pay for this idiocy.