Apple: A Question, If I May

osxserver_1.jpgIf, say, I were running Mac OS X Server version 10.4.8 on a Mac Pro workstation (a model that does not come with an 802.11 b/g card by default), why, pray tell, would I get prompted for an AirPort update when I run Software Update?
Can anyone explain the logic behind forcing this update, one that requires a reboot to affect, on a server running a server OS? No? And why not? Because it’s stupid, that’s why.

New York City Walkers: Too Dumb To Cross The Street

…Or so a certain New York state senator apparently believes, as NYC residents apparently can’t be trusted to cross the street while listening to an iPod without getting all squishified ala the Frogger cabinet in that one Seinfeld episode. Sounds like a real case of the stupid leading the stupid, if you ask me. Residents of Brooklyn – toss this idiot out of office next chance you get, or pretty soon he’ll be trying to outlaw talking on a cell phone while riding a bike just like New Jersey tried to.
What the heck is in the water up in Albany (and Trenton, for that matter) these days? Remember: when iPods are outlawed in crosswalks, only outlaws will have iPods in crosswalks, or something. I dunno, I wasn’t really paying attention – my iPod’s on shuffle mode and Hocus Pocus just came on.

This Is What Passes For Political “Thought” In The Great City Of Philadelphia

John Street, political philosopher and student of history claimed last week that

the Iraq war is a contributing factor in the frustrating increase in gun violence and homicides on the streets of the city.

That’s nice, John. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of your own corrupt and inept administration, could it? No, that would make too much sense and wouldn’t fit into your little socio-political framework of “nobody gets jack to stick on me”.
I’m so glad that a city with such luminous thinkers basically controls the entire direction and fate of the area in which I live.

I, Too, Have Wondered This While In The Throes Of My Current Head Cold

The diarists over at RedState have pointed out that Dianne Feinstein Hates You And Everyone You Care About, or, in other words, The Federal Law Making Pseudoephedrine An OTC Drug Is Cosmically Stupid.
To wit:

I don’t know what I did to make Dianne Feinstein hate me, but she really does.
That’s the only legitimate reason I can come up with for her law against the normal sale of pseodoephedrine, the best decongestant on the market, attached (of course) as an amendment to the Patriot Act. Thanks to Feinstein’s amendment, co-sponsored by now ex-Senator Jim Talent, you can’t get any sinus medication from the supermarket shelf that contains any medicine the pharmaceutical industry has discovered since the 1970s. In other words, medicine that actually works.
So ultimately, all you’ve done, Dianne Feinstein, is add another hassle to the life of every sick adult who doesn’t get their meds from the Senate pharmacy, while curbing the local meth makers’ craft for the 15 minutes it takes for them to get that kid their brother knows at Kinkos to laminate an ID. Because if you can get your sinus medication off the shelf, the terrorists will win.

Thanks, DiFi. Thanks, ex-Senator Talent. Thanks for making it impossible for me to buy enough NyQuil, Alka Seltzer Cold & Sinus and Sudafed at one time in order to lick a stupid cold. You’d both be on my Groining List, if only my head wasn’t so congested as to make such physical exertion a near-impossibility.

Attention, Lehigh University: I Smell A Research Grant

Cathy Young, commenting on a New York Times piece concerning the rise of “fat studies” (like “women’s studies”, “gay studies”, etc.) on campus, notes the idiocy of such a pursuit in devastating fashion:

Maybe the next frontier in the academic battle against all varieties of oppression should be “drunk studies.” Why not an academic program championing the idea that “alcohol abuse” is an artificial construct based on the mainstream culture’s oppressive notions of what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate consumption of alcohol? “Drunk studies” could tell us that the stigmatization of drunkenness stems from the Western valorization of such dubious values as self-control, rationality, and obedience to social norms, and reflects a pernicious fear of rebellion against inhibitions and authority. Of course, it would also question conventional wisdom — supposedly based on scientific evidence, but really rooted in anti-drunk bias — about the deleterious health consequences of alcohol abuse and the dangers of drunk driving. After all, the goal of “drunk studies” would be to empower drunks!
I think I should get a grant.

Me too, Cathy. So, alma mater, what say you? You’ll take $100,000 from Harvard to study binge drinking; how about applying for a “drunk studies” grant too?

Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All

I’ve seen all manner of stupid “gamer” peripherals for the PC, from mini-keypads designed to give gamers WASD and not much else to 3 dimensional mice to “physics accelerators”. I thought it couldn’t get any worse; I was wrong.
Via Engadget, I caught wind of the KillerNic, a “gaming-tuned” network card. The stupid thing has 64MB of dedicated DDR and a 400MHz processor, for goodness’ sake! This sort of tech might, might have made sense back in my college days, where managing IRQs and pumping data to the NIC were valid concerns on my 486 DX. But now? My goodness, why would anyone want, let alone need to obtain one of these wastes of silicon and PCB? It’s not like it’s a valid status symbol that will bring you praise at the next LAN party – it’s stinkin’ inside your PC’s case where no one else can see it!
I didn’t even look at the price – I don’t want to know what people will have to pay for this idiocy.

Thank Heavens For That!

I get all manner of annoying spam comments that pile up in my Akismet queue and I normally take a quick fly-by of the queue each morning to make sure that no legit comments were accidentally flagged. This morning, I was beset by the normal flood of “Sorry, friends! But I very need money!” porn spam but one new addition caught my eye because of its brevity as well as overt silliness:

buy […] | […] | http://[…] | IP: […]
Pants are now available in all browsers!

Pants, you say? Where might I find these cross-platform, standards-compliant pants? Are they made by L.L. Bean? Do they resist stains? Are they available as an ActiveX plugin, or perhaps a Firefox extension? Do they support on-the-fly styling via CSS2.1, or do we have to wait for CSS3 to come out? These are serious questions, as the implications of browsing pantsless are too frightening to consider. I mean, my MacBook would probably scorch my thighs!
[redactions mine, so as to avoid giving the spammer free publicity]