“I, Node”, Or: `man mankind.fs`

I think that the restaurant at which my coworkers and I eat our traditional weekly Chinese Tuesday recently changed fortune cookie suppliers, as their “fortunes” are now no longer anything of the kind. Instead of predictive fortunes, we routinely find pseudo-Confucian wisdom printed on our paper tape. However, this shift has yielded some great results, some of which are quite geeky.
For instance, I recieved the following at this week’s iteration:
…which leads to the question “What filesystem type is a man?” Perhaps this is why wives don’t understand husbands – they simply don’t have the right kernel drivers to be able to understand. (Obvious puns involving the UNIX command mount will be assiduously avoided here.)
I think I may have to send this picture over to Steve Gibson – maybe those Spinrite folks can use it. *grin*