Fantasy Football Results, Weeks 6 & 7

And The Barrage uh… rolls on!

Week 6

Einstein vas rigght!
The Barrage (170.00 pts) defeated Fifteen by Female (167.00 pts)
The Barrage (170.00 pts) defeated El Diablo (A Mexican Fighting Chicken) (161.25 pts)

I moved to a 10-2 record two weeks ago, defeating two teams by relatively narrow margins. 15xFemale actually should have beaten me, but for some unknown reason she started several players who were on their bye weeks. So perhaps that should be a 10-2* record. Once again, I was buoyed by stellar performances from my running backs and was sorely disappointed by my wideouts.

Week 7

The Sign, not so much.
TrophyTaker (180.00 pts) defeated The Barrage (144.50 pts)
The Barrage (144.50 pts) defeated Pink Panthers (132.75 pts)

Despite a stellar game by McNabb, I managed to lose a game last week and move to 11-3. Fortunately for me, this puts me in a tie with the other division leaders, record-wise. Most of them have the edge on my in terms of power rankings, so I really need to solidify my receiving corps before the playoffs in Week 13. I just need some trade fodder – perhaps DeShaun Foster could provide some incentive… Well, it’s too late for this week’s matchups, in any case. I’m playing this year’s commish (Soldiers of Fortune) and last year’s (The Man) as well. I think I match up fairly well. Here’s hoping for two more wins.