Fantasy Football Results, Week 8

Rollin' rollin' rollin'
The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated Soldiers of Fortune (103.25 pts)
The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated The Man (142.00 pts)

Despite a horrendous performance from Donovan “Blowin’ Chunky Soup in Tampa” McNabb, I managed to roll to a 13-3 record, primarily on the back of Tomlinson’s 50+ points. I’m still in desperate need of some wide receivers and I could really use a non-damaged (*ahem* Roethlisberger) QB, as the Iggles have a bye this weekend.
I’m tied for best record in the league, although my power rankings are far lower (I’m about 200 points off the lead). This could mean trouble, come playoff time.