Fantasy Football Results, Week 12

My prescription: pain!
Bumskis (163.75 pts) defeated The Barrage (151.75 pts)
The Barrage (151.75 pts) defeated CTRL-ALT-DELETE (135.25 pts)

As I predicted, I did indeed have trouble with the bumskis, primarily because of the loss of Donovan McNabb. Had I had a quarterback to equal t.b.’s Drew Brees, I belive I would have had a shot at beating him.
This week marks the beginning of the playoffs (the brackets are here, if you’re interested) and I believe I should win this week’s game fairly handily. Next week could end up being the end of the road for Yours Truly, however, as I could very well face the bumskis a second time. Only time will tell.
Go Barrage!