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I officially retract my previous iPhone fanboi status, as Apple officially announced today that their next-generation Macintosh operating system Leopard will be delayed until October and the iPhone is solely to blame. Apparently, Apple’s best and brightest engineers had to be shifted to the iPhone division in order to ensure that the $600/unit iPhone ships in time for the Apple WWDC in June. I can see the economic logic in this decision, but it means that I’ll need to wait an additional 4 whole months to get my grubby mitts on Leopard.
I know it’s geeky and it’s selfish, but I was looking forward to droppinghaving work drop $129 in order for me to upgrade my MBP and another $129 for my Mac Pro. I was also really looking forward to upgrading our Xserves to Leopard Server, what with it’s cool wiki, collaboration and calendaring servers. Would’ve made my job a heckuva lot easier in the very near term. Alas.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog has further thoughts on the implications of the delay.