Those Crafty, CRAFTY Mouseketeers!

Ever wonder how Walt Disney World stays so clean, so spic-and-span? Turns out it’s actually built on top of enormous tunnels that whisk away garbage, convey employees to their destinations, deliver supplies to vendors and offer employees a respite from the Florida sun, all out of the view of the prying eyes of guests.


I watched Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World and found out about that. The entire park is the second level of the “building”. If you have a chance to watch it I highly recommend it. Or DL it HERE
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Dude, I am normally in AWE at the span of your findings online, however I must go with Brad on this one – the tunnels have been around for a while, as have Discovery shows on them…

Listen, just ’cause I don’t have family in FLA willing to let me in on the big secrets and just ’cause I didn’t have Discovery channel as a kid doesn’t mean you can make fun of me.
I thought it was a cool article. So sorry that I’m so far behind the times…
(The above is very much intended in a jovial and sarcastic fashion — I got scooped by reality good n’ proper and am just a bit bitter about being left out of the “in” crowd. *grin*)

Reminds me of the tunnels in Westworld — but without robot Yul Brynner chasing you around. Or so I assume…