I Wish I Had $600 “Revolutionary” Dollars To Spend On The “Revolutionary” iPhone

I know that Apple always does things a bit differently than their competitors, but the 20 minute iPhone tour they posted today should simultaneously put every single other cell phone company 1) on notice and 2) to shame.
Can you imagine how different people’s experiences with Treos, Qs and Pearls would be if Palm, Motorola and RIM took the time to produce such simple-yet-effective rundowns of their respective devices’ ins and outs? What if the big M actually had a website showing me how to turn off my Q’s radio so that I could play solitaire at 30,000 feet and thus reduce the chances of fouling my transport’s comm systems?
$600 is an awful lot of money, but everything in that video makes me want an iPhone all the more. It looks as though they have addressed nearly every single long-standing nit and annoyance that anyone that has had the misfortunepleasure of dealing with cell phones in the past. It will certainly be interesting to see how Motorola, Nokia, et. al. respond in the months to come.
This thing is going to be big.


I’ve almost bought one at least 3 times. I go in and look at it and drool… but some things just keep me from going through with it. For instance, on my Dell PDA, I have a nifty little To-Do list program. I can list my jobs… check a flag to note that the job is finished…and then check another box (which makes it invisible) when the job is invoiced. It’s a pretty standard little To-Do list program. There is NOTHING on the iPhone. No to-do list at all. I mean, c’mon… I know that Apple isn’t big on WORK stuff, but isn’t that a pretty basic thing we want on a PDA?