Children Of The ’80’s: Dust Off Your Tennis Ball Cannons

…’Cause American Gladiators is coming back to T.V..
I wonder if they’ll bring back the gladiators’ character names — Nitro, etc. — or whether we’re in for something a little bit different.
In any event: w00t!

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  1. I claim the name DEEZL. You heard it here first…

  2. I have seen the old AG on TV recently and cringe at the sets that these people performed on. It was like a junkyard with Nerf missiles hidden all over the place. Had to be one cheap production. That and everyone was in unitards so you could tell the temperature in every scene.

  3. I remember one course where the object was to shoot a target with a nerf missile while the Gladiators fired the tennis ball cannon. In the first season, the course did look like a junkyard. I loved it and never quite forgave the show for switching over to the “futuristic” gray blocks.

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