I Was Saying “Boo, Urns!”

Touch... my wallet.
I don’t know if you were paying attention to technology news today, but Apple held a little keynote address at their yearly Macworld Expo at which Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Air, a pretty freakin’ cool piece of ultra-lightweight mobile computing technology. He also announced a free firmware update for the iPhone which adds triangulation capabilities, new “web clips”, the ability to rearrange your home screen and a bunch of other stuff. And he announced revision 2 of the Apple TV with a whole raftload of new features, plus free software updates for existing Apple TV owners that bring them on par with the rev. 2 models.
Then he announced that iPod Touch owners, such as myself, would have to pay $20 for the pleasure of using applications the iPhone has had from the very beginning. Anyone else notice a disconnect? The two devices run the same binaries — there’s no reason that the Touch needed to be crippled (yes, I said crippled!) from the very beginning, except for Apple’s unwillingness to potentially bogart iPhone sales.
Oh, and people who buy Touches starting now get the update for free.
This just continues the recent Apple trend towards hosing early adopters. Pfeh!, says I.
</grumble grumble>

5 Replies to “I Was Saying “Boo, Urns!””

  1. Like I told my sister when she mentioned that she would like a nano: Wait 6 months and get the color you want and a better model for the same price. Apple has their marketing department on a loop and they follow it for everything they put out. Step 1 bag o bones. Step 2 bag o bones with color. Step 3 the real deal.

  2. http://jailbreakme.com/
    Then you can get them all for free, and a butt lot more.
    That’s what I did on my iPhone to be able o use it.
    At least 3 of my friends jaibroke their touch, and were then able to install the missing apps (which are widly available), along with the other community provided goodness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. But… but Stephane, the Home screen waggle! The waggle!
    I recall going to JailBreakMe before and being thoroughly confused as to what they wanted me to do. Maybe I’ll give it another shot…

  4. Doug – While I feel your pain, it’s not like you PAID for your iTouch, right?
    yeah yeah yeah, principle and all that. It’s not like Jobs & Co haven’t done this before…

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