Do They Give Out “Toddler Purple Hearts”?

In what is sure to be a preview of things to come, Saturday ended up being a long, long day for the whole family.
We supped at friends’ in the early evening and as the night wore on, Will, as is his wont, began to go a little, well, “toddler nuts”, if I may coin a phrase. At once hyperactive and hyper-clumsy, he was practically bouncing off walls as The Wife and I began to wind our conversation down and prepare to leave. Literally 5 minutes before we were ready to go, Will decided to leap from the living room couch and upon landing stumbled directly into the marble-topped coffee table so helpfully placed within leaping distance, head-first, of course.
At the sound of the THUMP then shriek, I leapt up and ran to his side. He had given himself a very nice 1/4″ gash right in front of his left ear, so after a brief assessment and a gauze pad, it was off to the emergency room for the lot of us. We bid our adieus to our hosts and dashed to Abington Hospital.
Fortunately, the cut was in a place nigh devoid of arteries or major blood sources, so it hardly bled at all. The resident and “murse” thought at first that the wound was small enough to only need some Dermabond, but the attending stopped by, took a look and proclaimed it stitch-worthy due to its depth. So, after a thorough examination and a good bit of paperwork, the resident and nurse returned, held Will to the bed, Novacained the wound and stitched Will up good and proper. Through it all, he maintained a positive (if subdued) attitude and was actually more terrified of the blood pressure cuff than of the shots, stitches and restraints.
Here’s my little man:
A look upon his face…Will in ER.A smile?
My little guy was so brave. I’m just sorry he has my genetic propensity towards sheer klutzishness — this visit is likely to be the first of many if my experience is any guide.

4 Replies to “Do They Give Out “Toddler Purple Hearts”?”

  1. I’m glad that Will seems to have escaped mostly unscathed.
    However, may I suggest that you not try too hard to coin your new phrase.

  2. Poor little guy. At least he took it like a champ. I hope he’s doing ok. Can I do anything for y’all?
    Gabe did not take his hospital visit so well. He was so completely enraged at the hospital staff when he got his stitches that he was shaking and red faced while yelling at them. (It’s his Italian/Irish temper coming out) Emergency hospital visits are no fun.
    As far as “toddler nuts” goes, I’d definitely can that one ha ha. I am going to go ahead and coin “toddler frenzy,” because they get so crazed that they lose control of their senses.

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