The (Browser Tab) Week In Review

It’s that time again — time to offloadshare the most intriguing links I’ve stumbled across in the past week or so and thus unburden my poor computer’s swap spaceheart and soul.
Iron Man trailer — yes, have some.

Montana: withdrawing from the Union if the SCotUS doesn’t find an individual right to bear arms. Honey, when do we move to Butte?
Fast Facts, Fast Facts — Philadelphia! (cf Hodgman’s blog entry/The Areas of My Expertise if you’re confused.)

Battlefield Heroes looks flippin’ awesome:

Specially-tuned eye-covering stickers designed to allow you to sleep at work. Now that’s an image I’m not going to be able to get out of my head any time soon.
You know what NASA spends its money on? Testing what Alka Seltzer does in zero gravity, that’s what:

Food Wars: perhaps a bit politically-incorrect and definitely a liberal slant, but well-done, lads.Hillary Clinton’s scaremongering ad:

…results in an inevitable and devastatingly funny reply.
Lastly, if you’ve never figured out how to act properly whilst traversing the Internet, here’s a helpful little primer.


Iron Man trailer hopefully does no justice for the movie. I was not impressed as the trailer showed no story line and was choppy as anything.

I couldn’t be prouder of Montana – I hope they do it! Maybe we could get North Dakota to hop on board. I was born in ND, grew up in Montana, and am back to Norda Kota for good…but as a proud gun owner who recently ordered another one, I’m “all up ons” with Montana putting their foot down!