New (Hopefully Final!) Beta Version of Elbee Elgee 1.3.6

We’re drawing nigh to a new (final) release of Elbee Elgee. Go grab version 1.3.6-beta4. This one tweaks the default <title> and descriptions in the head/meta section in order to allow for tools like Yoast’s WordPress SEO or All in One SEO Pack to do their work with little-to-no interference (requested here). I’ve also added functionality for those using Yoast’s SEO plugin: Breadcrumb functionality now works.

If time and effort allow, I may also squash this bug that seems to affect certain BuddyPress plugins. Assistance/bugfixes welcome, as always.


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That’s great – thank you for posting this.
re: SEO does anyone have a preference between Yoast’s WordPress SEO or All in One SEO Pack I’d love to hear your experience and opinions.

I use Yoast’s WordPress SEO and have high regard both for the plugin and for the author. Definitely the most feature-rich SEO plugin out there.

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