Elbee Elgee Issue Tracker: For My Sanity’s Sake

From all Elbee Elgee users, past, present and future, I’d like to ask a favor: please, please, please begin using the issue tracker on Bitbucket to submit bugs and/or feature requests. Between the comments sections on release posts, the WordPress.org forums and direct contacts via email, I’m starting to get a bit swamped and having trouble keeping an eye on all pending issues.
You don’t have to sign up for a Bitbucket account in order to submit issues, though you won’t be able to get automatic notifications if you don’t.
Feel free to leave comments here, too, and over on the .Org forums as well — as long as you make sure to post your issues to the Bitbucket issue tracker. I’ll be able to keep pending issues out ahead of me much easier that way, which should result in more rapid turn-arounds on releases in turn. Help me. Help me. Help YOU.
Thanks! *grin*

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